Fantastic (But Unnecessary) RV Items You Really Want for Your Next Trip

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The longer you RV, the more cool gadgets and RV supplies you come across. There are some  RV supplies you absolutely need right away. Then, there are the items that are technically unnecessary but incredibly nice to have. If you want to take your camping game to the next level, keep reading. I’m going to cover some of the cool outdoor and travel-related supplies that will make RV life so much better! 

If you want to spruce up the interior of your rig, don’t miss out on the indoor RV items that are really nice to have. If you’re interested in adding any goodies to your arsenal, I’ve included links to purchase the item for your convenience. 

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Some people, including me, may argue that a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is a must-have item. A TPMS gives you real-time information about the health of your tires as you drive. That way, if you have a leak or are at risk of a blowout, you’ll receive a notification. 

Joel and I went without a TPMS for almost 2 years of full-timing. However, we finally bit the bullet on the cost and put our safety first. It has been a huge stress reliever, especially on cross-country trips. I am just thankful we didn’t have any disasters when we were without it. 

Having a TPMS is definitely a good idea. I share why and include a review of the TPMS I purchased in the article all about RV tire pressure monitoring systems

RV GPS or App

Another non-necessary item with the potential to save your butt is an RV trip planner like RV Trip Wizard. Whether you opt for an RV-specific GPS or a trip planning program, you’ll thank yourself. These tools can help you avoid dangerous situations on the road in your RV. 

RV Trip Wizard is one of the most popular RV trip planning programs. For an RV GPS, Garmin is a solid choice for most people. The perk of having a dedicated RV GPS is that you’ll have better coverage as you head into remote areas than something that relies on cell signal. 

Don’t end up like this poor camper we saw in front of us on a car road trip. They had a tough time on these narrow roads.

Nice Camping Chairs

When you’re camping, chances are you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors. Give your body a break by investing in a quality camping chair. There are lots of popular camping chair options, but here are some that tend to pop up in the Cool RV Stuff Facebook group often. 

Outdoor Rug

Camping is, well…camping. That means dirt and dust are part of the deal. One way to cut back on how much finds its way inside your RV is to use an outdoor RV rug. These mats come in many sizes and colors so you can pick the perfect fit for your style. 

Blackstone Griddle 

Many RVers rave about the Blackstone griddle. I own the tabletop 17-inch griddle myself and I am also a fan. It isn’t a must-have but man, it sure is nice! You can cook almost anything on it and clean-up is a breeze, especially compared to a grill. If you’re interested in more information about the Blackstone griddle, I have an entire article on why RVers love Blackstone griddles

If you’ve already got a Blackstone griddle, consider yourself among the lucky ones. Don’t forget to check out some of the neat gadgets and accessories for Blackstones

If you don’t get a Blackstone, you should at least get yourself one of these designated campfire cooking kits. That way you don’t have to lug your pots and pans in and out of the RV with every trip. The time saving is so worth it!

Keyless Entry 

Getting locked out of your RV is something many RVers fear. Nothing is worse than being trapped outside while you’re hundreds or even thousands of miles from home. 

Not to mention using the existing lock could leave you open for an easy break-in. That’s because there are only a handful of manufacturer’s locks and keys to open them all. This means someone could have a key that can open your RV. Yikes! 

One way to prevent theft and stop yourself from ever getting locked out is to install a keyless entry. Having the convenience to leave the RV and not have to lug around a bunch of keys is also a plus. 


Another nice-to-have addition to your RV is a generator. If you have a full hookup site, you typically won’t need one. However, having power on cross-country hauls can be incredibly nice. Joel and I usually boondock in Walmart parking lots or the likes when traveling to our next destination. Being able to pop on the generator and run the AC, charge our devices, and so on is extremely convenient! 

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If you boondock more often (or want to!) having a generator is often a cheaper and easier way to get into boondocking as compared to solar power. You may even be able to run your RV air conditioner off a generator with the right setup. 

Air Compressor

Trying to fill up your RV tires at a gas station air fill-up station is not something I would want to try. If you have a small rig it may workout, but for a larger one, getting in and out could be a nightmare. 

Since you should check your tire pressure before every trip, having an air compressor could be considered necessary. It will certainly make your life easier and safer! Keeping your tires properly inflated is a simple strategy to reduce the likelihood of a blowout. An air compressor takes the hassle out of this task. 

Before purchasing an air compressor, check the PSI needed for your tires and make sure you purchase something that can deliver the power needed. Most RV tires need 35 to 80 PSI, but you can check your specifics by looking at the tire sidewall. 

As a bonus you can also use an air compressor to winterize an RV.

Backup Camera

A backup camera could well save your marriage if you’re like some RVers. Especially when you are starting out. Backing up the trailer or motorhome comes with a huge learning curve. Having a backup camera makes things less stressful. 

Not only that, but it could prevent some serious damage to your RV. I can’t tell you the number of picnic tables I saw smashed into one weekend at a crowded state park. 

The Furrion backup camera is a popular (but expensive) choice among RVers. If the Furrion is outside your budget, there are plenty of other choices for backup cameras


Getting around town is better on an e-bike. There are many brands out there to choose from. After doing a lot of research, Joel and I opted for an e-bike from Rad Power Bikes. We love it and highly recommend it.

There are also plenty of accessories you can add on to complete the package. We can both ride on the bike with the back seat addition. Luna, our mini Aussie, even fits in the bucket on the front! 

Make sure you check out the best RV bike rack for e-bikes so that you don’t lose your bike on the highway somewhere along your road trip.

Yard Games

Camping is much more fun with yard games! With all the options out there, you can pick one, two, or ten. Your whole family will love playing. Not to mention, it can be a fantastic way to meet new camping friends as well. 

I’d also recommend having some board games for camping in case you get stuck inside on a rainy day.

Propane Fire Pit

Lots of campgrounds have fire rings, but nothing is more disappointing than planning on a fire and finding out you can’t have one. Sometimes there is not a ring available. Other times, open burning restrictions may hamper your plans. Given the trajectory of climate change, this is likely to become even more common as the years go on. 

Having a portable propane firepit is a perfect way to ensure you can always enjoy a fire. These fire pits are typically allowed at campgrounds even if local burn restrictions are in place. 

Telescoping Ladder

Whether you’re cleaning, sweeping off the roof, or making repairs, having a sturdy ladder can come in handy. When you RV, bringing along a regular ladder isn’t practical and you may or may not feel comfortable using your existing RV ladder. A telescoping ladder is the perfect solution for your outdoor RV needs. 

A Personalized Campsite Sign

Another super fun way to make your RV feel like a home away from home is to get a personalized sign. It’s a way to bring a little something special with you. I have seen so many fun camping signs. While I haven’t gotten my own personalized sign quite yet, it is definitely something I would love to have! 

More Nice to Have RV Items

If you want to see some even more luxurious items you can purchase, I’ve got you covered. Check out these luxury camping items that may be a bit over the top for some campers and perfect for others. Did you know some people bring their own hot tub RVing?!

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