pink flamingo floatie

Are Flamingos Cool RV Décor or an Ask for Unwanted Attention?

We’ve been seeing lots of flamingos around lately as the camping season launches into full swing. These flamingos have been a hot, and I mean HOT topic in the Cool RV Stuff Facebook Group. But wait, those fun, funky, hot pink flamingos mean what?! 

As legend has it, having a flamingo outside your campsite may or may not mean you are a swinger. From what I’ve seen, the jury is still out. 

So what does that mean for the RV world? Is it safe to display these adorable pink waterfowl outside your RV? Or are you opening yourself up to potentially unwanted attention with your innocent lawn decorations? If you are looking for a good time, will the flamingo still do the job?

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What Stories Have You Heard About Campground Lawn Decor?

  • Do pink flamingos really mean someone is a swinger?
  • What other lawn decor could have a deeper meaning?
  • Have you ever unknowingly displayed decorations that have a “secret” meaning? Did anything happen? How did you respond?
  • How is a camper supposed to keep track of it all?!

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