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Pink Flamingo: Meaning Swinging or Just Cool RV Décor?

There is a ton to learn when RVing, but you may never have thought to ask about a pink flamingo meaning swinging. I mean really, who would have thought. Interestingly, there is talk about the pink flamingo meaning swinging everywhere, not just in RV parks but in neighborhoods too.

We’ve been seeing lots of flamingos around lately as the camping season launches into full swing. These flamingos have been a hot, and I mean HOT topic in the Cool RV Stuff Facebook Group. But wait, those fun, funky, hot pink flamingos mean what?! 

Pink Flamingo Meaning Swinging? Is it True?

As legend has it, having a flamingo at your RV campsite may mean you are a swinger. From what I’ve seen, the jury is still out. Although a ton of people talk about pink flamingo meaning swinging there are easily an equal number of people who had absolutely no idea about this hidden meaning.

So what does flamingos mean for the RV world? Is it safe to display these adorable pink waterfowl outside your RV? Or are you opening yourself up to potentially unwanted attention with your innocent lawn decorations? If you are looking for a good time, will the flamingo still do the job?

From what I can tell flamingos at an RV campsite are most likely just fun decor. Given the massive number of flamingo deocrations at RV parks far and wide, I can hardly imagine anyone would come up to you looking for a good time with just a flamingo in your yard. Pink flamingo meaning swinging may have been a thing way back when, but times change. Now swinging may be related to upside down pineapples. It seems a little less popular than pink flamingos at RV parks, so maybe that rumor is true?

What do flamingos mean at RV parks? Probably nothing.

What do Pineapples Mean at an RV Park?

Alright hold up, so not only are we asking about the pink flamingo meaning swinging but now we need to know what do pineapples mean? Upside down pineapples are another type of funky RV decor rumored to mean you are a swinger.

Apparently things may have started with flamingos and then when those became too popular the swingers swung to upside down pinneapples instead. However as some swingers have chimed in in the Cool RV Stuff group, neither of those things appears to be true any longer. They didn’t reveal the most current sign in the swinger community, leaving us all guessing.

Love pineapple decor? You’ll probably be ok with that too. Even if the pink flamingo meaning swinging holds true, most people probably aren’t going to show up looking for a good time with just this one (potential) clue. Realistically, from what I have seen, most poeple just think they are adorable. If you really want to be safe and not accidentally have swingers knocking on your RV door you could opt for something else.

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What Do You Think About The Pink Flamingo Meaning Swinging Rumor?

  • Do pink flamingos really mean someone is a swinger?
  • What other lawn decor could have a deeper meaning?
  • Have you ever unknowingly displayed decorations that have a “secret” meaning? Did anything happen? How did you respond?
  • How is a camper supposed to keep track of it all?!

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