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How to Make RVing With Pets More Fun with These Fabulous Tips

People don’t call pets fur babies for nothing. RVing with pets involves a bit more planning. But many of us RVers could never dream of leaving our four-legged friends behind when we go camping.

My husband and I pretty much plan our weekend adventures around where we can bring our Mini Aussie, Luna. Sound familiar?

RVing with pets can be a lot of fun! It can also go south without a proper plan in place, though. You, your pets, and your neighbors will all have more fun camping by following some simple suggestions. 

How to Make Your Pets Comfortable with RVing

Pets are creatures of habit. Too many RVers throw them in a trailer and expect them to adjust. Unsurprisingly, most pets don’t respond well to this. Thankfully, there are some simple things you could try to make camping more fun for your pets. 

First, get them used to being in the camper before you ever take them on an RV trip. Before we started RVing with Luna, we would go hang out in our motorhome. That way, when we took off on our first adventure, she associated the camper with having fun and hanging out with us. You could even try giving your pet extra treats or a special toy in the RV. 

Another strategy is to bring along some comfort items. It could be a bed, a special blanket, or so on. Even having a designated space where your pet can relax and feel safe and comfortable can go a long way. 

Keeping Pets Safe While RVing

There are also a few important safety tips every pet parent should know about. First, NEVER put pets in the trailer while towing. It would be uncomfortable and bouncy at best and downright dangerous at worst. 

Whenever possible, we also recommend bringing your pet along with you when you leave the RV. This is especially important in extreme temperatures like summer or winter camping.

If you can’t bring your pet along, get a temperature monitor that will alert you immediately to dangerous temps. It might just save your pet’s life! 

Off-Leash Dogs

Most RV parks have leash rules for pets. Yes, yes, we know your dog is friendly. That doesn’t mean you should let them run around off-leash. 

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You never know what an off-leash dog could mean for someone else. Maybe a dog attacked them in the past. Even your friendly, slobbery Golden Retriever could be enough to put them in a dark place. 

The same goes for other peoples’ pets. Not all pets are friendly. Your dog could get attacked by an unfriendly (or frightened) on-leash dog. 

Also, can you imagine how horrible it would be if your dog ran off while at an RV park? In a strange place, they weren’t familiar with? Not to mention the fact that you might not be planning to stay there for long. In my mind, the risks just don’t outweigh the benefits. 

Noisy Pets

We’ve probably all had the experience of listening to a neighbor’s dog yapping all day (and possibly all night). Unfortunately, beyond reporting them to the park owners, there isn’t much you can do. 

That’s why it is important for all RVers to think about the rest of the camping crew. If your dog is a barker, that’s ok. To each their own.

But maybe you should seriously consider leaving them at home with a dog sitter. Not only will the rest of the park have a more enjoyable camping experience, but you might have a more relaxing time as well. 

The Good and Bad of RVing with Pets? 

Fur parents now is your time to shine.

  • We want to see your pet’s setup! Drop a picture of your pet’s favorite place in the rig?
  • What did you do to prepare your pet for a successful RV experience?
  • Have you had a bad experience with pets while camping (either your own pets or someone else’s?)

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