Made a Stupid Purchase for Your RV? You’re Not Alone

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We’ve all been there. Everyone has made a stupid purchase that we end up regretting later. Maybe it was an impulse buy or something everyone raves about, but you just don’t understand the hype. Here are some popular purchases your fellow Cool RVers regret purchasing. If you’re thinking of buying something on the list, think long and hard before you decide if it is a good fit. 

Plastic Leveling Blocks

Some RVers regret their plastic leveling block purchase. You need to level your RV, but they say the plastic is too cheap and breaks right away. These RVers recommend wooden blocks as an alternative. Although wooden blocks are much heavier, they are probably better than many of the plastic options out there. 

Cheap Cooler

Cheap coolers simply aren’t worth the money. You’ll end up with melted ice within a day or two. For extended camping trips, this is clearly a problem. Many RVers say spend the money and get a Yeti or a RTIC cooler instead. It’ll cost you, but it is probably cheaper in the long run than having a bunch of spoiled food. 

Ice Maker

This one is hit or miss. Some RVers can’t live without their ice makers. Others say it takes up precious counter space and doesn’t even keep the ice cold after making it. I think it comes down to preference. If an ice maker will make your camping experience more enjoyable, it is probably worth it. If you’re so-so about the idea to begin with, you may be better off skipping this purchase. 

Extended Warranties 

Extended warranties may seem like a good idea at first. After all, RVs are known to break often.  However, many RVers quickly realize there are lots of problems with the warranty as well. Sometimes there are loopholes or the company refuses to honor the warranty. Other times you need to get the work done at the specific dealer you bought from. Finally, if you purchased your RV from Camping World, prepare to wait months for the work to be completed. Their customer service certainly leaves a lot to be desired. 

Zero Gravity Chairs

Many people rave about zero gravity chairs. But some RVers think they are a complete waste of money. It’s not that they aren’t comfortable. Indeed, they are extremely comfortable. Rather, the problem is that they are too big to lug around in your RV. If you have plentiful storage space or don’t mind bringing them inside the RV during transit, many people can’t imagine living without them, though. 

RV Covers

Protect your RV from damage in the winter, they say. Well, one RVer warns, “it’ll take six men and a mule to put your RV cover on”. Covers are a good idea in theory, although there are times they cause more damage than good. The biggest issue is you won’t use it if it is impossible to put on. Not to mention in the worst-case scenario you could fall off your roof or a ladder while trying to manhandle the cover. 

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Blackstone Griddle

Don’t hate me for this one. I’m just the messenger. Most RVers LOVE their Blackstone griddles. In fact, Joel and I recently got one ourselves. However many RVs say they regret the purchase. It could be that they prefer a grill over a griddle or maybe they bought one that is too big to haul camping (some of them are massive!) I am definitely pleased with mine even though the first use was a total disaster. We have the 17-inch tabletop griddle and it is the perfect size to bring along for our party of 2. 

Throw Pillows

Throw out the throw pillows say most RVers. They look classy in the renovation photos everyone likes to share. In practice, they are a waste of space that will just end up on the floor. If you haven’t already purchased them, save your money for something you really need for your RV.  

Cell Signal Booster 

There is a lot of misunderstanding out there about cell signal boosters like the WeBoost. Many RVers seem to be under the impression that these magical boxes ensure you have service anywhere. That is simply not the case, but boy have the cell signal booster companies done a good job of marketing. Many RVers regret their purchase since it doesn’t work how they thought it would. To learn more about what a cell signal booster really does, check out this article

Honey Wagon

Some RVers made the mistake of purchasing a honey wagon when they really didn’t need one. If you frequently boondock or stay at sites without sewer hookups, it may be worth it. For everyone who uses full hookup sites, it’s just another thing to lug around the country. 

The RV Itself

Yikes! Many people said they regret purchasing an RV entirely. For some, it probably comes down to the massive amount of maintenance many RVs require. For others, they got something that wasn’t the right size or not a good quality brand. It just goes to show how important it is to think about your ideal RV layout before spending the big bucks.

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