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Are RV Washer-Dryers Worth the Hassle (And the Space They Take Up)?

When you’re on the road for long periods of time, regular chores become inevitable. You can only go so long before you need to do your laundry during your travels.

If you’re a full-timer or part-time seasonal camper, then you have to do a lot of laundry on the road. Sitting at the laundry mat all day when you’re supposed be enjoying a vacation may get you thinking, should I buy a washer-dryer?

  • Are you dreaming of a washer-dryer combo for your rig? 
  • Or do you think it is a ridiculous waste of money and space? 
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Benefits of a Washer-Dryer in Your RV

Having a combo washer-dryer in your RV is definitely a luxury. But what’s wrong with having some luxury items in your RV? They do make your life a lot easier. An RV washer-dryer definitely has some perks. Simply throw a load in while you hang out by the campfire, set a timer, and you’re free to relax. 

If you have kids who like to dirty up their clothes (I mean, isn’t that all kids at a campground?), being able to run a quick load whenever you need it could also be very handy. You also won’t have to worry about your laundry being tossed on the floor or stolen if you step away from the RV park laundry room. 

Drawbacks of a Washer-Drying in Your RV

Some people think having a washer-dryer means you can toss a load in and go to bed or run around for the day. However, the U.S. Fire Administration says you should never run your dryer while you are sleeping or away from home.

Dryers can easily catch fire if not properly maintained. If a fire happens while you’re not around your rig is likely to be a total loss. This is especially important to keep in mind if leaving pets behind in the RV since we all want to keep pets safe while we are away.  

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Besides not being quite as helpful as they would seem, another drawback is the space they take up. Many RVs already lack enough room to store all your clothes inside. Joel and I have a closet where we could put a washer-dryer. However, there is no way we would have enough room to store all our clothes (and especially our coats in the winter since we full time) without it. 

Washer-dryer units are also extremely heavy. The heavier your rig, the worse your gas mileage. Not to mention there are safety concerns if you have many other heavy items adding to your total weight. 

Finally, RV washer-dryers are expensive. Most models cost close to $1,000 to purchase. Not to mention you may need a professional to install it depending on your current setup. You also may have some ongoing maintenance or repair costs along the way.

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