Fourth of July Camping Food

Fourth of July Camping Food So Delicious You Won’t Want to Miss

The Fourth of July is right around the corner. You know what that means. Camping!! What better way to celebrate than with delicious camping recipes. I’ve rounded up some of the best Fourth of July camping food out there to bring an explosion of flavor to your meals. If you already have campfire cooking kits at the ready all you need are ingredients and a hungry belly and you’ll be set!

Fourth Of July Camping Food Main Courses

Nothing says Fourth of July like some good old-fashioned grilling. Best of all, you won’t be melting in the heat while trying to prepare a meal inside. Enjoy hanging out with the gang, enjoying the fresh air and beautiful views while you cook instead. Or make things even easier with a slow cooker meal. 

Bourbon Pork Chops with Grilled Peaches

You’ll need to do a little prep work for this recipe. It takes at least 8 hours to marinate the pork chops. But you can do this in advance and then on the big day your pork chops will be ready to go. Grilled peaches added at the end make for a sweet addition. 

Get the recipe and complete instructions at: Taste of the South Magazine 

Blueberry and Fried Chicken Salad

If you prefer a cool meal on a hot day, a salad topped with grilled chicken is sure to hit the spot. Even better, this recipe is easy to whip up and will get you in the Fourth of July mood with its fun colors. 

Get the recipe and complete instructions at: Buy This Cook That

Slow Cooker BBQ Shredded Chicken

When you’re out camping, sometimes a set it and forget it meal is best. That’s exactly what you get with this easy slow cooker recipe for your Fourth of July camping food. This recipe is low prep so you can spend most of your holiday enjoying the time off. You’ll feel like a master chef when you dig in to the final product though! 

Get the recipe and complete instructions at: The Kitchn 

The Perfect Fourth of July Camping Food Sides

Your meal won’t be complete without some tasty and festive side dishes. Complete your perfect holiday meal with any one (or all!) of these Fourth of July camping food sides. 

Watermelon Feta Salad with Blueberries 

This recipe is super simple to prepare. Nothing is better than chilly watermelon on a hot summer day. With the addition of blueberries and feta cheese, this recipe gets you in the Fourth of July mood. 

Get the recipe and complete instructions at: The Spicy Apron 

Pesto N’ Parm Grilled Corn

Nothing beats fresh sweet corn in the summer. This simple recipe will take your grilled corn to a whole new level. Best of all, this recipe takes just 10 minutes from start to finish. I’m tempted to try adding the bacon wrap I see in the photo too! Yum! 

Get the recipe and complete instructions at: Delish

Patriotic Pasta Salad

Easy to prep in advance and pull out of the fridge, this pasta salad is a must. Fresh tomatoes and blue cheese add a splash of patriotic color to the dish. This one takes longer to prepare; about 45 minutes and then another hour to chill. But it is easy to prep in advance and bring on the road for your Independence Day camping adventures. 

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Get the recipe and complete instructions at: All Recipes 

The Best Fourth Of July Camping Desserts

It’s easy to forgo dessert when you’re camping. After all, desserts often involve a lot of prep work. Not to mention, who wants to turn on the oven in the heat of summer inside an RV? Not me! These dessert recipes are low prep and don’t require you to bake in your RV alongside your dessert. 

Apple Pie French Toast Rolls 

I mean, do I really need to convince you these are delicious? Just read the name! Best of all, these apple pie French toast rolls take just 20 minutes to prep and cook. You can easily cook them outside in a cast iron pan, or maybe even over the campfire. 

Get the recipe and complete instructions at: The Kitchen Magpie 

Campfire Cinnamon Roll Ups

What could be better than cinnamon rolls? Cinnamon rolls toasted to perfection over a campfire. This delicious dessert requires just 3 ingredients and is cooked over an open fire. Don’t let the recipe fool you though, you don’t want to use the pre-made cinnamon roll dough as one of your ingredients. 

Get the recipe and complete instructions at: Almost Super Mom 

Grilled Pound Cake With Red, White, and Blue Toppings

If you want something easier, this tasty grilled pound cake with plenty of festive colors is the way to go. This dessert is topped with whipped cream and berries. Best of all, you can start with a store-bought pound cake meaning this recipe is super quick and easy. 

Get the recipe and complete instructions at: Gift of Hospitality 

Fourth of July Camping Drinks to Keep You Cool 

Don’t forget to end the day with any of these yummy Fourth of July-inspired drinks. You might need to bust out your RV ice maker for these.  

Red White and Blue Margarita Slushies 

What’s better than a margarita to top of your Fourth of July? A red, white, and blue margarita slushie, that’s what! You really can’t go wrong with this drink. Even if it doesn’t turn out Pinterest pretty, it’ll still be delicious! 

Get the recipe and complete instructions at: The Cookie Rookie 

Fourth of July Camping Cocktail 

If slushies aren’t your thing, have no fear. This cocktail is bright blue with a cherry on top for an added pop of Fourth of July color. You can even make it more fun by sipping from a patterned straw that’s red, white, and blue. 

Get the recipe and complete instructions at: The Toasty Kitchen 

Fourth of July Shot

This is by far the easiest recipe on the list. If Fourth of July shots are on your list, you won’t want to miss this recipe. Although it’ll be gone quickly, the fun and festive colors add a little extra holiday flair. 

Get the recipe and complete instructions at: The Spruce Eats

  • What is your favorite Fourth of July camping food? 

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