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11 Blackstone Griddle Accessories You Really Really Want in 2023

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Blackstone griddle accessories help you take your outdoor cooking game to a whole new level. Many RVers dream of having a Blackstone Griddle. Once you are the proud owner of a Blackstone, you’ll be making everyone else in the RV park jealous as the aromas float from your site to theirs. Little did you know, the fun is only beginning. 

There are many Blackstone griddle accessories you really, really want before your next trip. Keep reading for the best products to make using your Blackstone while RVing even more delectable. These Blackstone griddle accessories also make awesome gifts for RVers (for yourself or someone else!) 

1. Blackstone Griddle Accessories Breakfast Kit

If you want to make perfect eggs, bacon, and pancakes every time, this is one of the Blackstone griddle accessories you absolutely need. There is nothing better than a hearty breakfast to start off a wonderful day at the campground. The Blackstone Griddle breakfast kit includes a pancake batter dispenser for mess-free cooking. It also has a cast iron bacon press and two non-stick steel egg rings. 

2. Blackstone Griddle Table

If you have the 17-inch or 22-inch Blackstone griddle, you likely are just plopping it on the picnic table when you cook. While this works, it is much nicer to have a designated table, especially if serving up meals for a group. That way everyone still has somewhere to sit while you have somewhere to grill. There are many portable outdoor cook stations that will likely work with your Blackstone griddle. Be sure to check the dimensions and weight capacity before purchasing. Those griddles are not lightweight.

3. Blackstone Griddle Wind Guards

One major drawback of the Blackstone is that when it is windy, it seems like the griddle just won’t heat up. No longer. These griddle wind guards are perfect Blackstone griddle accessories to make your grilling experience much more successful. Make sure to choose the right guards for your size griddle as there are many options to choose from. There are even some awesome wind guard and warmer add-ons like the one pictured below.

4. Blackstone Griddle Accessory Hood

One drawback of the Blackstone griddle is the lack of a hood as a standard feature. Who wants flies swarming their juicy steaks and burgers? Not me. Luckily, you can purchase an add-on hood or cover for your Blackstone that will do the trick. Keep the bugs away and the flavors in. 

5. Griddle Carrying Case

Moving the smaller griddles around and bringing it back and forth between the house and the RV can be a hassle to say the least. Blackstone griddle accessories like this carrying case make your life much easier. There are different sizes for different griddles so be sure to get the right size for you. It should also go without saying that you need to let your griddle cool off completely before putting it into the carrying case.

6. Basting Cover for Blackstone 

Take your grilling game to the next level with a simple gadget: the basting cover. It will help lock in flavor, steam veggies, and melt cheese on your burgers. This is a cheap addition to your Blackstone griddle accessory kit that will make your food turn out much tastier.

7. XL Griddle Press for Blackstone

This cast iron griddle press is perfect for grilling up sandwiches or paninis. You can also get the perfect sear on your meats, get rid of extra grease from burgers, and stop the obnoxious bacon curling.

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8. Infrared Thermometer Gun

Never dry out your meat again. This thermometer gun makes it easy to know when your meat is cooked to perfection. Simply point and shoot and you’ll know exactly when your next creation is ready to eat.

9. Spatula

Hopefully you have a spatula to go with your griddle or you’ll be very sad the first time you try to cook with it. If you are sick of the junky old spatula you’ve had forever though, there are plenty of upgrades to make. This heavy duty, extra large spatula is the perfect Blackstone griddle accessory for meat lovers. Giant burgers, here we come!

10. Blackstone Griddle Accessory Cleaning Kit

Do you really want to eat food cooked on a dirty griddle? I didn’t think so. As fabulous is the Blackstone is, it can be a bit of bear when it comes to cleaning. Burnt on food and even rust can build up over time if not properly taken care of. This Blackstone cleaning kit comes with everything you need to keep everything in tip-top shape so you can continue to be the grill master.

11. Gas Griddle Cookbook 

If you are getting sick of eating the same old same old, try out the Outdoor Gas Griddle Cookbook. You’ll love spicing things up with your cooking game.

What is the Big Deal with Blackstone Griddles?

Many RVers don’t get the hype with Blackstone Griddles. There is tons of talk about this griddles in the Cool RV Stuff Facebook group and people seem to either love it or hate it. The naysayers insist a regular old grill is the way to go. On the other hand, some clever campers have learned to make all kinds of delicious foods on their Blackstone Griddles. Nachos, burgers, even cinnamon rolls can be cooked on a Blackstone.

After getting a Blackstone Griddle myself, here is what I think is the big deal with Blackstone Griddles.

More Blackstone Griddle Tips

In addition to getting these amazing accessories for your Blackstone Griddle, there is a lot to learn when getting started with cast iron.

What Oil is Best to Season a Blackstone Griddle?

There are plenty of different oils you can use to season your Blackstone. But what oil is best to season a Blackstone Griddle? The best oil is one that is good for high heat. Avacado Oil is the top choice according to the experts at Foods Guy. That’s because Avacado Oil has a smoke point of 500 degrees F. As an added benefit it also has many health benefits.

Can You Put a Pan on a Blackstone Griddle?

You can put a cast iron pan on a Blackstone Griddle according to the North End Barbeque. It is important not to use pans made of other materials because your Blackstone can get extremely hot and may damage other pans.

Since puting a cast iron pan on a cast iron griddle seems a little redundant, you might as well put food directly on the griddle. One of my favorite things about the Blackstone Griddle is how easy it is to scrape off and clean after cooking.

What Blackstone Griddle accessories can you not live without? Drop a comment and let us know.

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