Outdoor LED RV Lighting: A Fun Party or A Camper’s Worst Nightmare?

We’ve all seen it; an RV with lighting that looks like it came straight out of Vegas. It’s got street glow, awning lights, rope lights, and maybe even the site’s trees are decked out. Oh, and did I mention the rope light palm tree? You know the one I’m talking about.

But what do RVers really think of outdoor LED RV lighting? There seem to be two major camps. The party people who love outdoor lighting and the absolutely NOT people. Here’s the rundown on the two extremes and how to be a considerate camper, no matter which group you fall into.

The “Party-People”

For a lot of you cool RVers, you wouldn’t feel nearly as cool without your outdoor LED lighting setup. It’s what brings a sort of uniqueness to your site. Without it, your site looks just like everyone else’s. On top of that, there is only so much variety you can get from a stock RV setup.

Who wants to feel boring when they’re camping? Not the party-people camp! If you’re in this camp, you probably go all out with your outdoor lighting. When you’re done, cocktails, grilling, and outdoor movies by the fire await you.

Having outdoor LED RV lighting is a great way to liven up the party. Not to mention it is an easy and affordable way to stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking to meet people when you’re camping, everyone will immediately know where to head for a good time.

But are you the cool neighbor? Or the neighbor no one can stand? It depends on who you ask. This brings me to the next group.

The “Why Would You EVER Do That When You’re Camping People”

Flashing lights, buzzing phones, and the drone of the TVs seem to follow us everywhere we go. They even blast TV commercials at you at gas stations nowadays. Many people RV to escape all this. To reset and reconnect with nature. This can put them at odds with the party-people camp.

Back-to-basics campers might feel a certain sense of dread when pulling up to a new campsite. What are the neighbors going to be like? Are they going to be those people who force you to look at rope lights instead of stars?

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The campers who don’t like outdoor lighting have a totally different definition of fun. Fun means dark skies, food cooked over a campfire, and relaxation without all the noise and lights.

This can put the “party-people” and the “no outdoor lights people” at odds. Is there a way we can all just get along?

Outdoor Lighting Etiquette

There is always going to be someone you don’t get along with. That’s just a fact of life. Following some simple etiquette for outdoor lighting can make camping more fun for everyone, though.

One of the best ways to be a cool, considerate camper is to adhere to quiet hours with your lights. If quiet hours start at 10 pm, turn your lights off at 10 pm as well. You’ll still have plenty of time to enjoy your outdoor lighting. But you also offer your neighbors a chance to stargaze or sleep without lights blinding them. That way, everyone can enjoy their camping adventures.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that some people may need bright lighting outdoors
because of health concerns like poor eyesight or concerns about tripping. Maybe they are seasonal or full-time RVers and their RV is their home. They also might want to keep critters away from the rig. You never know someone’s reasoning for the lights or lack of lights. No matter where you are on this list, be a good person and you’ll have a better time.

Now it’s time to hear from you.

  • Do you love to bring the party to your campground with a decked-out rig?
  • Or do you shudder when you see outdoor LED RV lighting?
  • Even better, drop us a picture of your setup!

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Kathryn Mancewicz

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