3 Things All RV Flamingos Must Have: Internet, an Ice Maker, and a New Mattress

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Internet, Ice Makers, RV Mattresses….and Flamingos. These are the subjects we get the most questions about in the Cool RV Stuff Facebook group. So what would it look like if we covered all of them in one article? Well something like this…

Life as a pink flamingo at the campground can be challenging. You want to “Netflix and chill” with your pals. (Yes, pals plural. If ya know, ya know.) But the RV park internet means your Netflix shows keep buffering. 

And that mattress you’ve got? Yeah, that is not going to work for your weekend plans. Not to mention, can one really Netflix and chill without a fancy alcoholic beverage laden with the oh-so coveted “Sonic ice”. I didn’t think so. 

So what’s an RVing flamingo to do? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Keep reading for tips to take your camping life from drab to fab. 

RV Internet

That RV park that is bragging about “super-fast high-speed internet?” Yeah, they are lying to you. If you want to enjoy your favorite shows without buffering, work remotely without your Zoom calls freezing, or whatever else pink flamingos need the internet for, you really need your own hotspot. 

Whether or not you’re in the flamingo crowd, check out this article for recommendations on RV internet solutions. We promise to hold the satire on that one! 

Top RV Mattress Recommends 

Nothing kills a flamingo’s mood faster than a lumpy, uncomfortable mattress. Let’s be real, can you really live the good life with a spring protruding into your back? After all, we all know that flamingos like to have fun. 

Word on the street is these are the best mattress brands for RVers: 

  1. Zinus Short Queen RV Mattress (We have the 8-inch and love it!) 
  2.  Montana Hybrid RV Mattress
  3. LUCID
  4. Custom Mattresses from Mattress Insider
  5. Purple

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You could also try a mattress topper, but you’ll be much happier just going all out and getting a brand new one. Here are more details on RV mattress replacements.

Best Portable Ice Makers

Last but not least, you need to know where to get the best ice maker. Not just any old ice maker but a “nugget” ice maker. You know, like the ice from Sonic? Before you try to buy one for $99 from some spammer, know that the real deal will cost you north of $600. 

But if you want to be the coolest flamingo on the block, you need this ice maker. Trust me, I’m an “influncer” as the kids like to say. 

Here are the best ice makers out there! 

  1. GE Profile Opal (AKA the Holy Grail of Ice Makers) 
  2. Miroc Nugget Ice Maker (A competitor to the Opal that is more budget friendly but still gets good reviews) 
  3. Crownful Ice Maker (If nugget ice just isn’t your style or you don’t want to spend a fortune). 
  4. Igloo Ice Maker (Budget friendly, works great, but not Sonic quality). 
  5. Your Neighborhood Gas Station (For the, “Just buy a bag of ice” crowd. Flamingos don’t judge. You do you.) 

Hello Camping, Here You Come

Now that you’ve gotten answers to all your burning RV questions, you’re ready to live the good life!

On a serious note, we have many more serious resources for RVers available, if you need help to get started RVing. But, I hope you enjoyed this piece of satire. (Just in case you couldn’t tell it was satire…..) And if you’re here as an experienced RVer, remember, you probably had these same questions when you started too. You just may or may not have had easy access to hundreds of thousands of other RVers. 

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