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Sick of Outrageous RV Park Fees? You’re Not the Only One

RVing is hands down the best way to see the country. You get to enjoy all the excitement of travel and all the luxuries of home. That’s because you’ll always have a home on wheels when you live in an RV.

But what is the true cost of RVing? And how can you make it more affordable? Keep reading to find out! 

RV Campground Costs

One of the biggest costs of RVing is campground fees. With a cheap price of $30-50 a night, the thought of RV living for a long period may seem impossible. 

Given the massive increase in RVing in the last year, finding a campground that charges as low as $30 is a challenge (or downright impossible in some places). Even if you find one, demand for sites far outstrips availability. Most RV parks will charge at least $50 a night and some premium RV resorts charge even more. You could pay as much as $100-200 per night at some luxury RV parks. 

RVers are definitely feeling the pinch this summer.

If you want lower prices, state parks are the best bet. However, it is important to book well in advance. Waiting until the last minute to find a place to camp in the heat of summer is definitely a mistake. 

Given these costs, full-time RVing or part-year RVing might seem like a pipe dream. After all, $30×30 nights is $900 a month. And the cost to stay at an RV park that charges $50 a night is $1,500! How can anyone afford that? 

If you have a mortgage or rent left behind you may think, “forget about it”. But not so fast! There are some sneaky (but simple!) tricks to get the cost of RV campgrounds to be much lower. In fact, we usually pay around $400-800 for campgrounds on average. We do this by taking advantage of monthly rates at RV parks.

  • How much do you pay to stay at an RV park each night?
  • Have these costs increased in the last year?
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If you’re sick of outrageous RV park costs, continue reading to learn how to Save Money on RV Camping 

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Kathryn Mancewicz

Kathryn Mancewicz is an RV expert who has been a full time RVer since 2019. She has bylines for her RV related content on major publications including MSN, MSN Canada, and AOL. She has also been featured on Yahoo and quoted on KOA. Kathryn is also a regular RV content writer for Cheapism.